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Your Business Growth Is our Why

At Chayland.design we humanize the tech experience by giving apps and web products a life based on how we act, behave and think as humans. We work with early stage entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Founders in the tech startup space.

Meet Chay Land

Chay is LA based designer with a background in development. She believes in creating emotion-driven experiences that inspire, delight, and resonate with the people they serve. With over 9 years of agency experience, she's worked closely with designers and developers to build out platforms on ios, android, desktop, roku, fire tv and apple tv, and by using behavioral insights and nudges she’s helped teams make better product decisions and encourage brand loyalty. She is passionate about building goal-oriented platforms and uses data to back up her decisions, when available.In 2019 she launched Chayland.Design to co-create the tech in movies that don’t exist (yet, like Westworld tech) and provide an opportunity for visionaries to make their dreams come true.

Her specialities include working in a fast-paced environment with large teams, website layouts, user interface design, user experience design, product design, user stories, user flows, brand positioning, team building, mentoring, information architecture, visual design, creative direction, strategy & planning, project management, prototyping, usability testing, A/B testing, HTML, CSS, After Effects, personal development, journey maps and analytics.

When she’s not busy building websites, apps or brands you can find her listening to the latest audiobook on the beach or studying a new foreign language.

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