How to Differentiate Your Brand & 15 Ways How

What is Differentiation

No idea is original anymore. There are at least 20 other companies in business that look like your company or act similar. Consumers are less trusting and they don’t have time to figure out if you are different or not. This makes it hard to stand out. Each brand has less than 5 seconds to catch someone’s eye or impress them. Your first impression matters and differentiation is the only way to stand out.

Differentiation is standing out in a crowd of noise and your business will need it to survive.

“Differentiate or die.”- Jack trout

Why do you need it?

Differentiation can…
1. Increase your value
2. Encourage consumers to choose you over a competitor
3. Create brand loyalty
4. Determine how hard you stick

How to Differentiate

Differentiation begins with how your brand speaks to the world. This includes your mission, vision, & values. Then you take those words and visualize them with photography, design and illustrations. The success of your brand depends on your differentiator and how consistent your visuals are with your core messaging.

Below are a few ways to differentiate your brand

  1. Is your brand tackling a daunting task or changing a process? Talk about it!
  2. Is your story unique and the backbone of your brand? Consider talking about the roots of your company, the location or the way the founders met.
  3. Is your cause based on a logical proposition that creates an immediate emotional connection with your target audience? Make it known.
  4. Is there a brand archetype you can use? Pull inspiration from the archetype and build the brands personality.
  5. What does the internet say about the current brand, similar products or the market? Can you position yourself different from your competitors?
  6. Can you create a brand proposition and values that address customer or industry pain points?
  7. Interview employees and customers, see what they have to say. Do any common keywords or adjectives come up?
  8. Create a new category or find a new niche.
  9. Focus on an audience that hasn’t been addressed.
  10. Redefine the buying process, make it easier or on experience.
  11. Stand for a cause your customers believe in.
  12. Engage the 5 senses
  13. Consider using a mascot and make the mascot unconventional.
  14. Use brand ambassadorship
  15. Go slow when everyone goes fast, look different, own a title that no one wants (ex: amateur, underdog), or do something truly shocking.


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