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The strength of a company’s process drives the consistency of their outcome.

Hiring a brand strategist or a team of creatives should bring something new to the table. They should ask questions and challenge your ideas to improve them. Brainstorming and strategy sessions where different techniques and ideas have been tried, tested, and built into a process achieve this. Not every process is perfect, but starting with a process or building off one is where the magic happens. If a company does not have a process, you might end up a guinea pig to ideas. It could also mean you as a business owner have to play a bigger role in guiding the creative agency to a solution rather than they guide you. It’s not an ideal position to find yourself in; especially if you are first starting out. If you are more experienced then surely you know a thing or two and can lead the charge, but the ideal scenario is to have a team of people that help you get further in your goals.

How do you know if an agency has a process?

If a company has a process, you will know; they will brainstorm with you and your team and ask questions. Questions are essential in diagnosing a problem and uncovering insights. If the team you want to work with isn’t asking questions that challenge the way you do things; that’s a red flag.

Our Branding Process

Phase 1: Research

Industry, brand, company & competitor audits are how we kick off every project. Before we have our first meeting we evaluate the existing brand, research competitors, and understand the current market. It allows for us to understand the success and struggles of a business and tackle problems with a fresh perspective.

Analysis of your Industry

Who are the top competitors? What are they doing well and what can you do better than them? Are there gaps or pain points in the industry that they overlooked? Can you address these issues with your brands voice and presence? During this part of the process we compile an analysis of your industry and your top competitors. We do this to bring new ideas to the table.

Phase 2: workshops and brainstorming

Facilitated workshops and strategy sessions allow us to diagnose a problem, prescribe a solution, apply the solution and refine as necessary. ⁠As part of our process we facilitate 3 collaborative strategy sessions that uncover deep insights about your customer base, your business and the direction it should head in. This part of our process is essential in diagnosing the unforeseen foresees problems in the business and the industry it lives in and in defining project specific goals. Not having a strategy means not having a proper understanding of the problem and a solution on how to tackle it. It’s the equivalent of going to a doctor and telling the doctor what type of surgery you need without a proper evaluation.⁠

Workshop 1: Brand Foundation

Who do we admire? Who do we want to stay away from, What should your brand look/ feel like? What is the culture, voice, feeling and impact you want to provide to your users? During this workshop we help you to define the essence of your brand and what you hope to build it into.

Workshop 2: User Persona Workshop

Who are your top 3 users? How old are they, where do they live, what are their hobbies, do they prefer a Ford or a Tesla? Do your services align with your goals and the needs of your customers? Defining your top three users will help you in making decisions about your products and services

Workshop 3: Revenue, Awareness, Efficiency Workshop (RAE)

In this workshop, we discuss goals (tasks) that will generate – or currently generates – awareness about the organization or product, tasks that will generate and grow revenue, and tasks that will help make operations more efficient.

Phase 3: Who, What & Why

Your who, what and why are 3 things that are essential in telling the world what you do in a way that matters to them. They are things you uncover when you define the 8 elements of your brand foundation. A strong brand foundation will help you made decisions about your brand and business that are in alignment with your mission and vision.⁠

The 8 Elements
Phase 4: Visualization

Once strategy is complete we use it as a blueprint to design a look at feel that has your goals in mind. As design is subjective this part of the process can be tricky. With the wrong designer or design agency, your strategy could be over-thought and the results will miss the mark, but done well by a good designer or design agency, your brand will communicate the right ideas visually, attract the right people, be timeless and set you set you up for success in the long run of what you want to accomplish with your brand.


To visualize the brand, we start with stylescapes, a visual encapsulation of your brand’s voice/tone and look/feel. This step will help us narrow the compass of ideas into visual identity we can all agree with. Stylescapes will allow you to collaborate with our process at a very early stage.

Logo Usage & Boundaries

Once a stylescape is agreed upon we create the perfect logo in 3-6 rounds of collaborative ideation. When a logo is picked we create boundaries which are essential in creating a consistent look and feel.

We believe that the success of a brand is a consistent brand. Examples of brand boundaries are how the logo is uses, typography, color usage, iconography, identity in application, photography style and usage.

Design Deliverables

If you need business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, a presentation, sales decks, photography, a website or marketing materials, these are all items we can translate your brand into. Designed assets are helpful in building your brand.

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