8 Characteristics of a Strong Brand

What makes a brand successful?
Below we listed out the 8 characteristics that make up a strong brand. Missing any of the items below? Use this article to gain insight to where you can elevate your brand.

  1. Nitch Down: Are people confused about your services or products? Then focus on what you do best. Zappos started with shoes and Amazon started with books before they expanded into selling other products. When you first launch a brand, it’s better to do 1 thing well rather than 20–50 things that are average. If you can’t narrow down your products or services focus on a specific audience or industry.
  2. Differentiate: It’s hard to stand out- especially if you look, act and sound like everyone else. If you don’t have a strong differentiator, the only option left is to compete on price — and that’s a race to the bottom. Become the best or second best in your space. If you can’t do that then redefine your space. Read 50 ways to differentiate your brand.
  3. Define Your Brand Foundation: Strong brands have a clear mission, vision & plan across all platforms. If you do not have one of the items I just mentioned, consider starting with the 8 Elements of a Brand Foundation.
  4. Tell a Good Story: People love a good story- especially those of overcoming adversity. Stories give people opportunity to connect and relate to their own experiences. They also bring brands to life, give them a meaning beyond making money, and result in people who want to join the brand on it’s journey or fight for their cause.
  5. Earn Trust with Consistency: To create trust, you need a unified look, message, and voice across all media. Consistency is a powerful tool in building the personality of a brand and tells the world why you exist and what you stand for. To better understand why consistency is important, take a look at CocaCola’s Instagram. Everything is red, grey, white, black and about people, art, and creativity. Today they share the message, “Together We Must” and their posts reflect this. If they started using the color blue, we might think they were Pepsi and or if they started using slang we may not admire the brand as much.
  6. Delight: Does your brand excite people? People enjoy interacting with brands that makes them feel good. Delightful products and services are what people remember. We ourselves- not only like hearing a good story, we like telling them. Delight your audience and create experiences that people want to talk about.
  7. Adaptability: As times change so do the needs of those you serve. Without adaptability, you could lose sight of what matters to people. Adaptability keeps your brand human and relevant. It’s good to do a company audit every 1–2 years to reevaluate your business and see if you are still on track.
  8. Measure Success: If you don't define success, how can you measure it and if you can't measure it, how can you improve it? Measuring success will tell you how far you’ve come and how far you need to go. It’s important to set realistic goals and check in with them when you do your company audit.

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