Dying for Love: Dating Apps + Brand Positioning

There are many dating apps out there offering the same prize at the end of the tunnel, so how does a new dating app differentiate itself from a sea of apps that people keep deleting and redownloading — and that leave them feeling discouraged?

You address their pain points, find a new way to inspire hope and look for a space that your competitors have overlooked.

Enter Hingie, the cute, furry Hinge mascot who is dying for people to find love. Literally.

Hinge Dating App Mascot- Dying For Love an Article on Brand Positioning By Chay Land

Dating apps are supposed to make finding the one easier, but when you constantly swipe left, get left on read, or ghosted — enough is enough. It’s time to delete the stupid app and try it the old-fashioned way; meet someone in person.

In 2019, stigmas don’t exist around online dating. In fact, the apps are thriving, and new ones keep popping up almost daily. They are supposed to make finding ‘the one’ easier than the old-fashioned way of meeting someone in person. But when you constantly swipe left with no result, get ‘left on read’, or ‘ghosted’, you reach a point where enough is enough — and you’re back at the bar or singles event again.

Deleting a dating app is part of the process in dating that has yet to be discussed, but Hinge takes it on as part of their appeal and in their tagline: “Designed To Be Deleted.” They address the reality of (hopefully) having to delete the app once you’ve found ‘the one’ for users looking for serious relationships, and they position their brand to focus on quality over quantity. This positioning is supported by Hinge referring to themselves as a “Relationship App” rather than a “Dating App.”

If you take a look at the tagline of Hinge’s competitors, some of them start to sound the same:

Sweet Pea: Find Your Person
Match.com: We Believe in Love
eharmony: The #1 Trusted Dating Site
Happn: Find the people you crossed paths with
OkCupid: Dating Deserves Better
The League: Date. Intelligently.
Coffee Meets Bagel: Make Authentic Connections
Bumble: Date. Meet Friends. Network
Tinder: Match. Chat. Date

To reinforce the idea that Hinge is “Designed to be Deleted,” they sacrifice Hingie every time two people hit it off. It not only delights users, but it also inspires hope and makes the Hinge brand stand out in a sea of dating apps full of people who are bored, jaded, or looking for a threesome.

There isn’t a mascot out there in the dating realm like Hingie, and it may be the gold nugget they need to take the lead in their competitive space.

Hinge Dating App Mascot- Dying For Love an Article on Brand Positioning By Chay Land
  1. Know your audience and their pain points.
  2. If you don’t stand for something you stand for nothing and will get wiped out in a sea of noise.
  3. Have a strong tagline that you want to be known for.
  4. If everyone else is doing the same thing, go in the opposite direction. (Another example is car insurance companies, a lot of them copy one another with a humorous approach in their advertising.)
  5. It’s not easy to find a space where your competitors overlook. Start with user pain points and get creative with how you can delight your users and show them you are on their side.

Big Props to @redantler, a branding company, for coming up with Hingie the mascot and Hinges new marketing campaign. https://redantler.com/

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