Our MVP Process

Starup MVP Product launches, building an MVP with Brand Strategist Chay Land

Phase 1 // Product Market Fit & Rapid Prototyping - 2 Weeks

Problem Exploration Workshop
With the founder and team we explore problems we are solving and possible solutions.

Analysis of your Industry

Who are the top competitors? What are they doing well and what can you do better than them? Are there gaps or pain points in the industry that they overlooked? Can you address these issues with your product During this part of the process we compile an analysis of your industry and your top competitors. We do this to challenge the viability of your idea and bring new ideas to the table.

User Persona Workshop

Who are your top 3 users? How old are they, where do they live, what are their hobbies, do they prefer a Ford or a Tesla? Do your services align your goals and the needs of your customers?

‍Survey Round 1 + Talk to 3 Potential Users‍

The goal of the surveys is to understand the problem we are solving, who are we solving a problem for, how many people have this problem and how important solving this problem is for them. We send 100 surveys and set up 3 potential user interviews.

MVP Workshop‍

In our MVP workshop we outline and determine the minimum features we need to solve the users most important problems.

‍RAE Workshop (Revenue, Efficiency & Awareness)‍

In this workshop, we discuss goals (tasks) that will generate – or currently generates – awareness about the organization or product, tasks that will generate and grow revenue, and tasks that will help make operations more efficient.

Rapid Prototyping & User Interviews‍

Using Figma we create a clickable prototype that feels coded, but without code. 3 Rounds of wireframing- no design. We conduct user interviews in-between each prototype to gain insights and improve our prototype.

Final MVP Workshop ‍

In our final workshop we discuss what we can complete in a month for your  proposed MVP. We can add/modify the proposed MVP with the founder’s input. However, adding features could increase development time and subsequently price.

Once Phase 1 Is Complete

Nice! Your MVP is complete! Now you now have something to show investors or test with real users to get feedback. Collecting feedback is essential in revising your idea to accommodate your users' needs. This process that will validate your idea and save you time and money in building out the actual product.

Phase 2 // Rapid Web Dev- 1 Month

MVP Launch

Startups pivot many times before landing on what works. During phase two we build out your MVP and launch it quickly to get you feedback as soon as possible. Depending on the complexity of your product we will have one to two engineers work a minimum of 60 hours per week to meet the 1 month deadline.

Not Included in Price

Hosting & Server & other third party costs- Prices TBD

What Comes Next?

After the MVP is completed, it’s time to test it’s product market fit in the real world. At this point we can design a package that fits your needs. We recommend an iterative, agile process. Get feedback, design, launch, and repeat until we know we have product market fit. Then focus on growth, brand, marketing and scaling the infrastructure. We will work with you to find the right solution.


Why are we proposing design after development?

Design is important, we live in a digitally crowded space where every app and website is competing for your attention, but people won’t try a product unless it solves a problem for them. We save design as a later phase in our process to optimize your budget, why put more money into a product that doesn’t work or solves a problem?

Interested in creating an MVP?

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