Why Invest in a workshop?

Invest In your Business, Invest in a Workshop

Strategy is often a part of the design process that is left out to cut cost when in fact- it is what will ultimately save a business time and money. Each of our workshops are facilitated strategy sessions designed to uncover important insights about your business to help you make hard decisions regarding your brand. Each of our workshops are will iron out any holes in the business and offer alternative solutions to problems your brand may face.

At the end of each workshop we provide you with a pdf of information to keep your team aligned with your companies vision and a plan of action to achieve your companies mission.

Read about our workshops below.

Brand Foundation

Do you actually know who you are and what you are trying to achieve? Do you have a roadmap of where you want to take your business or are you just shooting in the dark?In our Brand Foundation workshop we facilitate your team to define the brand through key attributes including: voice & tone, look & feel, value proposition, customers/tribe and cultural trends.

User Personas

In this workshop we define your primary and secondary customers, surfacing their jobs, challenges, pain points, and solutionsWho are your top 3 users? How old are they, where do they live, what are their hobbies, do they prefer a Ford or a Tesla?

Efficiency, Revenue & Awareness

In this workshop we discuss goals (tasks) that will generate, or currently generates, awareness about the organization or product, tasks that will generate and grow revenue and tasks that will help make operations more efficient. They can be tools, software or processes that will help reduce time, cost and effort.

Creating an MVP

Starting your first app or website, but it’s too expensive? In our MVP workshop we outline and determine what is necessary to create a powerful cost effective web application. The power of your web application lies within the needs of your users and it’s effectiveness in reaching them quickly while hitting your top 1-2 goals. At the end of this workshop you’ll receive a black and white wireframe prototype.

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