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We built a course for founders, executives, and directors who want to build successful web products that scale smoothly over time. You might have a great idea, but without validating your product and testing those ideas, your product won't last in a highly competitive market. This course will provide you with an agile- reliable process to validate and test ideas with your target audience, a road map to align your team, build your brand and convince stakeholders your idea is viable.

Meet your Instructor

Chay Land

Hi I'm Chay, Founder of and a consultant at Artium, a software consultancy that builds exceptional software and teams.

With 10+ years of agency experience, I've worked closely with designers and developers to build out platforms on IOS, Android, desktop, Roku, fire tv and Apple TV, and by using behavioral insights and nudges I've’s helped teams make better product decisions and encourage brand loyalty. I'm passionate about building goal-oriented platforms and finally launching this course!

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What you'll learn

In this 4 hour course you will walk away with

How to run an agile process from start to finish

Problem solving for problems people care about

Building a sustainable competitive advantage

Interviewing users

Prototyping, launching and reiterating

Product strategy, product validation and prioritizing MVP features

To be a better communicator and leader

How to get better results with your product

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